Why Pogba Is A Must Have

He's the bargain of the season

Posted by Andy on Aug. 1, 2017

Why Matics Enabling Makes Pog a must have man

The recent signing of Nemanja Matic to Man Utd is huge news in the FPL world but not for the individual prospects of the player himself. Instead he serve as the ultimate wing man, doing the dirty unglamorous work and allowing Paul Pogba to thrive just like your mate who takes one for the team and entertains her “powerfully” built friend while you chat up the good looking one at the bar.

Next season Jose looks set to line up with two deep lying holding midfielders in the form of recently signed Matic and angry Spanish midget Ander Herrera. This combination should act as a solid defensive midfield wall breaking up the play and stopping opposition attacks. Herrera is full of energy and enthusiasm like an angry Jack Rusell that will hump your leg whilst Matic is a big intimidating rottweiler, together they will provide the bark and the bite to handle all of the defensive duties in the Manchester united midfield.

In the PL last season Pogba didn’t dominate as people would of expected with his associated price tag. Expectations aside though he did have a fairly decent season making 30 appearances with a 1 in 6 goal ratio, providing 5 assists and creating 57 chances. At times we seen flashes of his brilliance but he looked shackled in a united team who weren't set up to get the best out of him.

Things will be different next season with the introduction of the 2 man midfield wall will giving Pog the freedom and attacking licence he needs to be truly effective and utilise his best assets, this will translate to FPL points in the form and goals and assists.

At his best last season he showcased some defence splitting passes linking up well with Zlatan and creating a number of goalscoring chances for the Swedish god. Pace however is not one of Zlatan's god given assets and this showed with him being unable to get on the end of some of Pogba's dangerous balls , that wont happen now with Lukaku up top who is much more mobile and will be a constant goal threat increasing Pogba's assist ratio.

At Juventus he showed exactly how dangerous he can be when provided attacking freedom, in 15/16 he scored 8 times and assisted on 12 occasions whilst 102 takes ons demonstrated he's an effective powerful dribbler who can attack the opposition's goal. This means he has the ability to drop deep and collect the ball and doesn’t need to wait for the play to come to him. As an attacking asset he is also a goalscoring threat due his powerful long distance shooting and good positional sense in the final third. With a strong chance of him being on freekicks next season and his extra attacking freedom his goalscoring chances increase significantly.

With midfield prices being at a premium next season selecting Pogba instead of the more expensive Ali or Eriksen could free up an extra £1.5M for you to spend across the pitch and at the end of the season those of us who backed him from the start may well look back on his 8 million starting price and consider him the bargain of the season.

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