What Is A Differential?

This FPLWILDCARDS! guide explains all

Posted by Andy on June 15, 2017

We all know the variety of players that make up every fantasy team, from your tried and tested star men - think Sanchez , Kane , Hazard to your hidden gems , this season's standout being Josh king.

A popular term among the hard-core FPL players is a "differential". A differential is a player who is owned by a very small percentage of players, the logic being that any points accrued by owning this player will allow you to capitalise over non-owners. This is particularly effective when vying for points in a mini league.

A good differential needs to be swooped upon early for maximum effectiveness. In the our mini league last year once Conte switched to his now often replicated wing backs formation, I transferred in Alonso recognising his attacking potential for a defensive player under Contes new system. This proved extremely fruitful as no one else in the league took ownership of Alonso meaning I gained a significant amount of points over the rest. But like all things in life a differential is not infinite and once a player shows points potential they will inevitably become a bandwagon player with their ownership skyrocketing.

During the life of a season a player can transcend on a beautiful journey starting as a hidden gem, morphing into a differential, being band-wagoned then banished when they suffer an inevitable slight dip in points before rediscovering their form and ending the season as a star man.

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