Howling Hops New England Special Ipa

Hoppy days indeed!

Posted by Andy on Aug. 1, 2017

I opened this care package very kindly sent by the guys @HowlingHops what greeted me was their New England Special IPA the textured label of the bottle bright and captivating bursting with colour.

When poured into a glass you immediately notice the striking murky dark nectar colour which gives the beer an almost ice tea like appearance. It smells like a conventional American influenced IPA with a pleasant Citra hop fragrance.

One taste is all you need to realise this is a full bodied flavoursome IPA, the dry caramel flavour is subtly underpinned with fresh citrus and pineapple notes due to the combination of mosaic, motueka and citra hops. Despite the 6.9% Abv it is reassuringly subtle, smooth and pleasant to drink, definitely one for all American style IPA enthusiasts to sample.

If you want to look at others beers in their range, check out their website,

Image courtesy of @FPLWILDCARDS!

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