The Ultimate Fantasy-Fantasy Squad

As voted by you revealed!

Posted by Andy on Aug. 11, 2017

The votes are in and with your help we have assembled our Fantasy-Fantasy Premier League team of 2017.

It's not exaggerating when I say literally thousands of you voted on which players you wanted to make the team

We crunched the numbers and determined the optimum formation for accruing points in our squad was 3-4-3.

Our starting 11 as voted for by you will remain the same every game week , in the event a player doesn’t get any minutes that game week it will revert to our 4 benched players with normal FPL rules applying.

We will pick the game week captain by a twitter poll of our shortlisted 4 and we will determine when our Triple Captain and Bench Boost chips are utilised.

At this point your probably asking yourself why are we going to the trouble of doing this?

Because the game has a budget of £100 Million and you are restricted to only 3 players from one club, as FPL managers we are limited in the team we can select. This Fantasy- Fantasy team allows us the opportunity to live outside of these restrictions and it will be interesting to track its gameweek scores against our own and against the worldwide winning FPL manager of the week. This will show if having the ideal fantasy team on paper translates to a winning formula.

So now the moment you have been waiting for as we reveal our Fantasy-Fantasy team as voted by you....

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