Episode 1

Russian Imperial Rug Doctor

Posted by Neil on July 16, 2017

We did it! The first 'cast out of the door. What a ride.

Straight off the back of a two week vacation in the beautiful South West, Andrew blasted down from Newcastle in his new car, which appeared to be stolen from a hairdresser in South Shields.

As a result of this, the setting up was perhaps a tad rushed as we were very eager to start spitting the nonsense we had been preparing (yeah - this was actually prepared) for weeks. The end result was not quite the sound quality we were going for, it was a tad echoey in places and we will do a lot better in the future. I think it highlights the importance of the room setup, as well as the equipment that you use.

The main thing though was that we had a lot of fun doing it, and thanks to the magic of post-production we have something half decent for our first foray into podcasting.

To see us through, we both enjoyed a delicious craft beer from The Five Points Brewing Company. So good!

Five Points Brewing IPAs

Andy had the Field Day Citrus Pale, and I drank the File Points Pils. Both awesomely drinkable and you should check them out for sure. Thanks Five Points!

Five Points Brewing IPAs

Our FPL related chat (there was some...) focused mainly around our series of articles, "5 Bargain Midfield Enablers":

We also picked apart Harry Kane, and attempted to justify why you should erase him from your minds for the first few FPL gameweeks.

Image courtesy of @fplwildcards

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