Chef -V- Wildcards!

Round 1: Lacazette v Morata

Posted by Andy on July 25, 2017

Ali v Frazier, Hogan v Undertaker, City v United, T-Rex v Triceratops. Some of history's greatest battles. And now this.

The world's two greatest FPL bloggers (ahem) go head-to-head for an epic battle. Only one of them will emerge victorious, rising above the other to triumph and forever prove their greatness when it comes to predicting key head-to-head battles between FPL assets. Unless it's a draw. It could be a draw.

So over to Wildcards who will be kicking off todays battle as he argues why Lacazette is a better FPL attacking asset then Morata...

Lacazette - WILDCARDS!

So over the summer old stingy-bollocks Arsene Wenger rustled up the loose change he had under the back seat of his car and emptied Rob holdings penny jar to stump up the cash for Arsenal's record transfer signing Alexander Lacazette.

Laca joins from Lyon and already his ownership is 22.4% which suggests everyone is willing to take the potential risk by selecting a player debuting in the EPL , and they do this for a very good reason. Firstly he had a beast of a season last year banging in 28 Ligue 1 goals and grabbing 3 assists. Give this article a read from our refined friends at WGTA which illustrates how this would of translated to FPL points.

He has started pre season brightly and scored a goal on his debut against some Australian Guys after just 15 minutes (probably contributing to the mad stampede for his ownership, and they say us FPL lot are fickle).

Team mate Francis Coqeulin has described him as ice cold in front of goal and that’s exactly what he is , cool and composed at 26 years old he is already an accomplished finisher , 20+ goals for the last 4 seasons is proof in the pudding.

Theres potential you get even more bang for your buck if Laca is allocated Penalty taker which is a strong possibility , don’t know about you but I cant see Morata wrestling spot kick duties away from Eden over at Stamford bridge.

Next season Wenger's probable lineup will have Lacazette as the lone striker (although he has operated as a wide attacker for Lyon previously) and Özil and Sanchez being the most advanced midfielders. He certainly has the pace and physical attributes to get behind the last defender and capitalize on the defence splitting pasing of Özil at his best and capitalise on the space Sanchez creates when running directly attracting the attentions of clamouring defenders.

Now normally I am worried when signing strikers new to English football but I have seen enough from Lacazette to be confident he will suit arsenals style of play and the pace of English football , whilst Arsene Wengers track record of success with French players provides further reassurance.

Don’t be a tight wad like Chef and get the inferior player for the sake of £0.5 Million that’s like cheaping out and getting the smart price Hob-Nobs even though you know they taste like something your dog wouldn’t even look twice at, go Mcvities and get Lacca you wont regret it.

Alvaro Morata – Chef

Chelsea broke their transfer record to bring the Spaniard to the club and he has me a little excited to see what he will bring to the Chelsea team. Morata is not really a number 9, he is more of a nine and a half. You can totally see why Conte wanted him over Lukaku. As good as Lukaku is Morata suits Conte's game plan much more in fact I would say he suits the plan more than Costa does.

Morata has suffered from not having a sustained period in a team and that is what will be a true test of his mettle. How does he go from being a bit part player albeit in a great team to being the main man for the champions.

What I like about Morata is that he is a very intelligent player. He likes to drop deep and link the play. He will be a great foil for Eden Hazard and Willian or Pedro on the right. For all the talk of him not having a lot of goals to justify his price tag he did start a lot of games on the bench. But he has one of the best conversion rates in Europe. He had 55 shots on goal and scored 27% of those in the league. His goals also won Madrid 13 points which was only bettered by Ronaldo with 15. This shows he can score when it matters.

From an FPL perspective he is an interesting pick, it could be argued under Conte the play flows through Costa and if he scored Chelsea won. But Morata can make this such a free flowing attack especially if Cesc is in the mix. Cesc feeding the interplay of Hazard, Willian and Morata is a wet dream. Buthard to predict if Cesc will be in the mix. I would expect Morata to net 15 to 20 league goals this season but also that he will be an assister so expect double figures in that column too. With him being priced at 10m and being the lowest valued out of the premium forwards, he may well score consistently while also allowing valuable funds to be spent elsewhere like upgrading a Keeper or defender.

So both corners have spoken WILDCARDS! thinks Lacazette is going to be a sure fire FPL hit and is guaranteed goals - Chef on the other hand rates Morata as the better option due to his intelligence and class in front of goal.

But what do you think? Have your say over on Twitter by picking your side #imwithwildcards or #imwithchef. If you would like us to settle a debate or help solve an FPL conundrum send us your questions for Round 2.

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