Chef -V- Wildcards!

Round 2: Strikers v Midfielders

Posted by Andy on Aug. 3, 2017

Forget Mayweather v McGregor, it's round two in the battle of the bloggers. Chef will be kicking off this week as he makes the case why this year your budget should be blown on a power attack.

Strikers – Chef

I am all about firepower! With Arsenal signing Lacazette, Firmino's reclassification as a striker and the fact they share points all over the midfield you are not getting any out of position perks from your midfield.

I have always been a big believer in going big up top both in my love life and in FPL, and although I may not have won the game yet like Liverpool fans I truly believe this is my year.

Strikers have the biggest price tags for a reason, because they scrounge Gary Lineker style near the 6 yard box not doing much but tap the ball in. Even Daniel Sturridge whose football antics have got in the way of his hospital patient career can bang now and again.

Alexis Sanchez scored mega points last season but lets face it he was playing as a striker last season. I have it on good authority that Wenger is a FPL nut and he captained Alexis every week hence his repositioning and FPL ended up being a distraction from Arsenals quest to finish 4th.

But Strikers are your bread and butter of points. Every one of your strikers should be a potential captain every week. That is why they cost the most money in FPL and why should blow your budget on them quicker than a Qatari in Barcelona.

On a serious note, I am a big believer in the top-heavy strategy. I am all about firepower especially early on in the season. Statistics would suggest that the first 6 or 7 game weeks are the lowest in terms of clean sheets which means teams are free scoring before they eventually tighten up after gelling together.

You should take advantage of these few weeks whilst you can especially pre-wildcard. Strikers are more likely to incur price rises too given all it takes is one goal for a FPL bandwagon to start. Get three big guns and enjoy the price rises till wildcard and cash in on them.

The main reason you pick them though is because they score goals, that is where the points hauls are at. Midfielders mainly get assists but no cares about who got the assist when your strikers is banging the goals in!

Midfielders - WILDCARDS!

Who needs a striker anyway? certainly not Jürgen Klopp as he seems set to play 10 across the midfield this year and I think professor Kloppenstein has it spot on 2017 will indeed be the year of the midfielder.

In midfield, you can get premium players such as Ali, Eriksen and Mane who scored 225, 228 and 156 points last season respectively all for just £9.5 Million each that’s £2.5 Million cheaper then 'arry what’s his name. With Mane, it’s worth bearing in mind his points total was achieved despite only making 26 appearances.

If you don’t go for a big budget front three there’s no reason you can’t have all three of these big hitters in midfield complimented by one bargain enabler of say £4.5 million you could then get either Zaha or Willian for £7million and you have a beast of a midfield 5 for no more than 40 Million quid - tempting isn’t it?

This year strikers are more expensive than taking 9 obese kids to Centre Parcs for 12 weeks. Lukaku and Augero will set you back £11.5 Million that’s an extra 2M than the power 3 Midfielders mentioned above. Value is all relative so this can make a massive positive difference in making that £100 million budget stretch as far as possible.

So, to summarise what I’m saying is that in life there are two things you should never do: eat a left-over kebab before driving down the M1 (trust me on this one), and take FPL advice off a man who uses Twitter to vet his tinder dates.

Because there is one thing that I bet the naughty Chef doesn’t tell you and that is the top 3 scorers last season were all midfielders – let that sink in. Actually, out of the top ten FPL points scorers last season, 7 were classified as midfielders and only 3 as strikers * mic drop *

So, you the jury have heard accounts from both sides: chef maintains it’s all about the goals and going top heavy, whilst wildcards argues it’s the year of the midfielder – But who do you think served the knockout blow this week?

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