5 Bargain Midfield Enablers: Part 1

Boeuf en Croute Stokeois

Posted by Andy on June 21, 2017

Join us each day as we bring you our top 5 bargain enabler Midfielders of 17/18

We would all love to drive Ferraris and our work places to give us free unlimited Nandos and Beer just for showing up. That sort of fantastical thinking is the FPL equivalent of having your entire midfield comprised of Hazard, Ali, Sanchez De Brunye and Mane. Fantasy football however is more like real life and is dictated to by a budget. So whilst we dream of champagne fuelled pool partys and Las Vegas suites, for most of us it's an Aldi beef wellington and 3 for 5 quid on big bottles of dodgy continental beer. So in that spirit, think of the following 5 players we are about to profile as your Aldi beef wellingtons that will allow you to have a taste of the Champagne life.

Xhedran Shaqiri- Stoke - predicted 17/18 Price 6.0 Million

Remember the days when stoke were just a team of 11 brick shit houses with that loony on the side lines in the dad cap and the defender with the beach towel and pneumatic arm. Well things are a little bit different in the potteries these days. Over the last few seasons since installing Mark Hughes as manager Stoke have signed a number of technically gifted stylish footballers including Bojan, Arnautovic, Affelay, Joe Allen and today's featured man Xherdan Shaqiri. Due to this change in recruitment policy Stoke have become a far more entertaining attacking version of their former selves.

There is more to Shaqiri then just a small stocky man who's legs seem to move at an impossible speed like peddling a bike in the wrong gear. He's a classy little chap and has some serious footballing pedigree having appeared for both Bayern Munich and Inter Milan making numerous champions league appearances along the way. Internationally he has represented Switzerland at the World Cup and European championship and If Wikipedia is to be believed he is nicknamed the "Magic dwarf" - Yatzi! Last season Shaqiri was mainly employed as a right sided attacking midfielder in stokes favoured 3-4-2-1 formation. His season stuttered and spluttered somewhat due to injury and inconsistent form but he still managed to show flashes of brilliance scoring some magnificent long range efforts. (All Hull fans nodding and shaking there heads right now.) A quick glance at last seasons stats tangibly reinforces these assumptions.

Shaqiri completed 1707 minutes of PL pitch time over 21 appearances. In this time he registered 2 assists 4 goals and 8 bonus points leading to an overall score of 80. This means he averaged 4.3 points per appearance which is not a bad return considering the factors we explored above. With ability in both feet, bundles of a pace, a rocket of a shot and a mean set piece delivery make no mistake Shaqiri is a threat in this league. If he can stay fit, and find consistency he's going to cause a lot of teams a lot of problems next season. With a likely starting price of 6million he offers exceptional potential value in our opinion. A probable guaranteed starter and no European fixtures for Stoke increases his appeal to us.

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